Zone 90

Zone 90

The year is 2100. Nations have ceased to exist, replaced by rogue corporations bent on extracting every last natural resource on Earth. What was once diplomatic business turned into violent confrontations between these rogue entities. Zone 90 is last, untouched region, rich with natural resources. It's now tightly contested between two corporations: XetraCorp and BT Industries. Whoever controls Zone 90, dictates the fate of the world. Play as either faction. Build your base, train an army and battle! Drive the enemy out of Zone 90, and rule the world! Features: Two game modes: Skirmish and Mission Modes Breathtaking graphics Riflemen, rockeeteers, Humvees, Tanks and Defense Turrets : what more do you need? Clever enemy AI: can you beat it? Cross-platform RTS experience (experience the same action on desktop and mobile) Multi-unit selection Innovative waypoint system Building and unit management system Scrolling system Minimap for combat response .

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